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How you save with our vendor-managed inventory

With our VMI program, you free up the time you normally take managing inventory yourself and you eliminate errors such as duplicate ordering, overbuying and handwriting mistakes.


What we do:

  •  Bar code label all stocking locations
  • Visit according to your schedule to scan inventory
  • Upload your orders directly to our computer
  • Ship your packages, which are clearly labeled by stocking location. If you’d like, we’ll also restock your shelves.
  • Send one monthly bill
  • Provide usage, fill rate and other management reports by stocking location
  • Provide storage ideas

Currently we provide VMI services to 65 customers. Pictured below are a few of the ways they store parts.

For more detailed information, phone General Sales Manager Marco Morgado at 1-413-241-2225.

AS9120B certified
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