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Accuracy – over 99%

To improve our processes and your satisfaction with us, Atlantic tracks both internal and external errors by department, such as warehousing, purchasing and order entry.

  • Internal errors affect employee productivity and morale
  • External errors affect you, the customer

Taking both categories combined, our accuracy rate is consistently over 99% as a function of the number of order lines shipped. For warehouse shipping errors alone, we customarily make fewer than 20 per year while shipping some 135,000+ order lines.

Warehouse manager Norman Fortini up front. Clockwise in back are Julio Mattey, Jonathan Gomez, Ron DeRoy, Wayland Plourde, Kevin O’Toole and Pat Plourde.

Why such a low warehouse error rate? 

  1. Each month, we “deposit” $50 in a virtual bank account for each warehouse team member
  2. If the team finishes the month with no errors, each member collects the $50
  3. But for every internal error made during a month, we deduct $10 from each account, regardless of who makes the mistake. For every external error made, we deduct $20 from each.
AS9120B certified
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