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At a kaizen to more easily identify RoHS inventory: from left, outside facilitator Dave Lyman, Atlantic employees Tiffany Candelario, Mike Gross, Diane McDonald and Pat Plourde.

The purpose of kaizens is to solve a problem or improve a process through the concerted, uninterrupted effort of a cross-functional team.

Since 2002, we’ve been conducting two to three kaizens per year with the help of an outside facilitator. Typically, an employee team meets for three, half day sessions.

Ideas for kaizens come from:

  1. Weekly quality meetings
  2. Value stream mapping
  3. Error tracking
  4. Trending analyses

Kaizens help reduce internal and customer errors. They boost our operational efficiency and also expose team members to aspects of our business they might otherwise not be exposed. That improves their understanding and appreciation of a variety of functions.

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