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Champion RotoBrute drill press and tools slashes drilling time in 1 ¼” thick steel plate


Click here to see a short video of the RB32-VSR and attachments in action.

Guy M. Turner, Inc., specializing in industrial construction, rigging and heavy hauling, was hired to install equipment at a South Carolina customer. It was a difficult job as it required drilling and threading over 400 ½”, 5/8″ and ¾” diameter holes in 1-1/4″ thick steel plate mounted above concrete footers.

Turner researched the best solution for the job and learned about the performance, versatility and effectiveness of Champion’s RotoBrute RB32-VSR ($1737.27 when purchased through Atlantic Fasteners) which drills and threads holes.

They drilled the holes with CT150-11/16 carbide tipped annular cutters ($66.37). Then they installed an RB32-Tapper and collet to the RB32-VSR, and threaded the holes using a Brute Platinum XL22-3/4-10 tap ($134.15) and BruteLube Wax to enhance performance and tool life.

So what would have taken 40-50 minutes per hole with a twist drill and hand tap was reduced to only a few minutes per hole.

AS9120B certified
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