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Common drill point styles compared

135°split point drill bit (L) and 118° point

The two most common drill point styles are 135° split point and 118°. As you can see from the picture, the 135° has four cutting edges while the 118° has two.

Which is best for your applications?

135° split point

  • Drills faster – 4 cutting edges
  • Works well on curved shapes and hardened materials such as high alloy steels and stainless steel
  • Suitable for hand drilling, drill presses, and CNC’s
  • Creates smaller chips that eject quickly, minimizing the risk of chips clogging holes and bits breaking

    135° and 118° web thicknesses

  • Self-centering so no center punch required
  • Requires less force due to thinner web, so there’s less heat and work hardening. Bits last longer
  • More difficult to sharpen


  • 2 cutting edges
  • For general use in stationary drills, such as drill presses
  • Works well in soft materials like wood, cast iron, copper, brass, and mild steel
  • Not self-centering – use of center punch recommended, especially on curved or hard surfaces
  • Dulls much faster, but easier to sharpen
AS9120B certified
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