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Cost-cutting success stories

Gun maker nearly surrenders to loosening fasteners

When you’re a famous New England gun maker who can’t keep a critical fastener tight, the consequences can be alarming. Here’s how we helped.

$17,600 yearly savings!

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Fastener standardization ends installation and removal nightmare

Assembling bus seats shouldn’t be so costly and frustrating argued this manufacturer. Anxious for a fix, they came to us. Our solution was simple and much less expensive.

$13,000 yearly savings!

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Two-part remedy frees frozen bolts

Regularly devoting a maintenance crew to removing six frozen bolts was expensive enough, but when lost profits were figured in, the manufacturer quickly took notice. Here’s how we solved the problem.

$82,000+ yearly savings!

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Switching rivets saves manufacturer thousands

A National leisure craft manufacturer was experiencing an assembly bottleneck and several other issues. A switch in rivets made for a resounding solution.

$100,000+ yearly savings!

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