A Cure for Brittle Nylon Cable Ties and Parts

Try this Simple Soluiion

Nylon cable ties and parts can become brittle and snap during installation, especially in the winter when it’s cold and dry. But, rarely is defective material the cause.


Instead, it’s typically lack of moisture.

Jodie Swain, an Atlantic Fasteners’ inventory manager with over 25 years of experience in the industry, was recently talking to a customer with concerns about how to fix this very issue.  


Her time-proven recommendation is a pretty simple one:

Place the brittle parts into a Ziploc® or other airtight, plastic bag and sprinkle them with water. Let them sit for as little as 12 hours and you’ll be surprised at how flexible and strong they become.

Technical explanation

According to Swain, common nylon ties and parts are made from type 6/6 Nylon. Manufacturers ship the parts in heavy-wall, heat-sealed, polyethylene bags. Before the bags are sealed, they add moisture at the rate of .025 times the weight of the parts. Then, they recommend the bags be stored at 73°F (± 15°F) at 50% relative humidity.

If warehouses, factory floors, or assembly areas are not kept at that temperature range or relative humidity, or if bags of nylon parts are opened and not resealed airtight, brittleness and snapping may result.

Then, Swain says manufacturers recommend the following:

  • Weigh the parts
  • Measure an amount of water that’s .025 times the weight
  • Put both the parts and water into an airtight, poly bag
  • Swish the water back and forth in the bag to evenly cover the parts
  • Wait a minimum of 48 hours before opening the bag and using the parts


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