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New Self-Scan Android app and updated How-To video introduced

The new Android app looks and works the same as the original iPhone version.

With interest in its Self-Scan inventory management system growing, Atlantic Fasteners has launched a new Android app version to accompany its current iPhone app.

“We realize that not all customers have iPhones, so we produced the Android app with the same capabilities,” noted Marco Morgado, general sales manager.

He explained that both apps are available online in the appropriate Apple app or Google Play stores. He said they’re listed at $49.99, but customers committed to managing their own inventories with either app are given a promo code to download it for free.

The updated Self-Scan How-to video is here on the Atlantic website. “In less than one and a half minutes, the video shows how simple it is for customers to manage their own inventories with labels and an app we provide,” according to Morgado.

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