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Kitting: Order multiple items with one part number

Fastener kitting, simple or complex, is our specialty.

Are you repeatedly ordering the same supplies, that go into the same assembly, on individual P.O’s? Then are you receiving, handling, tracking and paying for them separately?

If so, Atlantic’s kitting can save you considerable time and money by replacing the many parts you manage with one simple kit.

In addition to saving money, kitting helps free up your manpower so that employees can better focus on the services and products you provide.

And it can lower your inventory!

If you’re currently kitting yourself, here’s what switching to Atlantic can eliminate:

  • Arranging for outside help or using your own workers
  • Worrying about running out of individual parts
  • Receiving and inspecting, thanks to Atlantic’s 99.97% accuracy
  • Investing in safety stock
  • Searching for parts and organizing them
  • Dealing with secondary vendors like platers

Contact us today to learn more about our kitting program.

AS9120B certified
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