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Parts List

This shows the fasteners you’re buying by your part numbers if you have them, or ours if you don’t. If we manage your inventory by bar code scanning, it also shows predetermined minimum/reorder quantities and locations.

You can use it as an approved list for all departments. It helps minimize inventories and prevent duplication. It can also help your engineering department standardize part numbers.


Identifying duplicates is the easiest way to flush out unnecessary inventory.

Inventory Analysis Summary

For bar code inventory managed accounts, the Inventory Analysis Summary shows your purchases, inventory turns and value by department and point-of-use locations. It helps you spot potentially overstocked, slow moving or obsolete inventories…and more. Detail for the report comes from the Inventory Analysis Detail by Dept. and Point-of-use location report.

It’s an excellent overview for executives.


This report shows our fill rate and accuracy/reliability rate as tied to the number of $100 credits we’ve paid in fulfillment of our service guarantees.

Ideally, we should deliver all your orders complete, error-free and on time.

A high fill rate translates into fewer costly backorders. But to achieve a high fill rate, we must stock the right inventory in the right amounts based on accurate forecasts you provide. If one or both of us aren’t doing our part, fill rate suffers. Then together we must work to improve it.

The bottom portion of the report compares the accuracy and reliability we achieve with you to that of all our other customers. Naturally, 100% accuracy and reliability is our goal.

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