Pocket-size Fastener Quick Reference – INCH




The Fastener Black Book INCH Edition is a 196-page companion guide to the original, Metric First Edition. (Yellow comparison chart above shows the differences between the two). Intended for use in quickly identifying fasteners, not as a comprehensive specification manual. Also includes metal thread pitch identification gauge for inch and metric. And, as with the Metric edition, every page is glare-free laminated to stand up to harsh shop environments. When open, guide lies flat due to wire binding.

Overall size: 166mm (6.53″ in) tall x 108mm (4.25″ in) wide x 13.9mm (0.54″ in) thick. Weight: 223 grams, 7.86 oz (including thread identification gage).

Offered here in English. Also available by special order in Espanol (South American Spanish). Please phone.