Pocket-size Fastener Quick Reference – METRIC




Whether you’re trying to cross inch to metric or find the diameter of a socket head cap screw, the First Edition, 248 page METRIC Fastener Black Book has the answers. There are 45 pictures of the most common bolt and screw head styles. 33 pictures of common screw thread point styles. Pages devoted to fastener locking and sealing alternatives. A DIN/ISO crossover chart. Tolerance charts. Mechanical property charts. And much more. (For comparison of Metric and Inch Fastener Black Book Editions, see yellow chart above.) All in a pocket-size book that also comes with a metal thread pitch identification gauge for inch and metric. And every page is glare-free laminated to withstand the wear and tear of a busy shop environment. When open, guide lies flat due to wire binding.

Overall size: 166mm (6.53″ in) tall x 108mm (4.25″ in) wide x 15.8mm (0.62″ in) thick. Weight: 265 grams, 9.45 oz (including thread identification gage).

Offered here in English. Also available by special order in Espanol (South American Spanish). Please phone.