Guide to Choosing Common Rivets: Structural  Lockbolts

Structural  Lockbolts

These two-piece, pin, and collar rivets mechanically lock when installed for high shear and tensile strength. They’re designed for heavy-duty, tamper-proof, vibration and fatigue-prone applications and can withstand tough environments that traditional rivets and screws can’t. These include demanding rail, construction, vehicle body building, and shipping container applications. Assembly is by high-speed tools.

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Heavy duty, high strength, tamper resistant, blind steel fastener.

High strength, vibration-resistant lockbolts with a high, controlled clamp.

Avdelok® XT
Heavy duty, two-piece large diameter lockbolt fasteners provide a high-strength assembly.

High strength, vibration-resistant lockbolts with multi-grip capability.

High strength, steel fastener, and shell designed for joining composite panels to metal.

Steel vibration resistance and structural strength for heavy-duty applications.

Switching Rivets Saves Manufacturer Thousands

$100,000+ yearly savings!

A National leisure craft manufacturer was experiencing an assembly bottleneck and several other issues. A switch in rivets made for a resounding solution. Learn how the experts at Atlantic Fasteners were able to devise a cost-saving solution for their customers. 

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