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Socket head cap screw basics

Socket Head Cap Screw – strongest of all head styles.

  • Head height is equal to shank diameter.
  • Shouldn’t be mated with a regular hex nut, which isn’t as strong.

Low Head Cap Screw – designed for applications with head height limitations

  • Head height is approximately half the shank diameter.

Flat Head Cap Screw – for flush applications

Caution: Inch and metric have different countersink angles. Mismatching fastener and hole countersink angles can result in premature fastener failure

Button Head Cap Screw

  • Larger head diameter makes it more appropriate for holding thin materials like sheet metal guards.
  • Because of its internal hex drive style it’s ideal for tamper-proofing applications.
  • Good substitute for other drive styles that are prone to stripping like Phillips and slotted.

Socket Shoulder Screw

  • Typically used as a pivot point or axle because shoulders are ground to a tight tolerance.

Thread Class

  •  Socket head cap screws 1″ diameter and under have class 3A fit (tight tolerance). Over 1″ have a class 2A fit (typical hex cap tolerance).
  • All other head styles and diameters have a class 3A fit.
AS9120B certified
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