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Video spotlights new adjustable P Clamp

The new Ratchet P Clamp

Reusable P Clamp installs without tools

It’s called the Ratchet P Clamp and it installs by hand but releases in seconds.  It’s adjustable, so only four sizes are needed to handle wire, hose, cable, and pipe 1/4″ to 2″ in diameter. And it can withstand -40° to 257°F temperatures.

So with those advantages and more in mind, Atlantic recently produced an in depth video review of the Ratchet P Clamp for its customers and its parent’s, Applied Maintenance Supplies and Solutions℠.

“It’s a product that has to be demonstrated and explained,” noted producer Tony Peterson, “since it’s radically different from conventional hardware and saves so much time. Maintenance people and engineers are accustomed to P Clamps that have to be screwed down and unscrewed to replace wire or whatever is being held. This doesn’t require that at all.”

Peterson said that as his team researched the product with its US manufacturer, Hellermann Tyton, they were impressed by its quality. “When we learned that Hellerman had originally developed the Ratchet P Clamp for Caterpillar, we knew strength and durability were paramount,” he remarked.

He said the goal of the video was to convey that quality and utility, realizing that these days, all companies need to save time without sacrificing reliability.


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