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Who is guest author and fastener expert, Jim Speck?

Jim Speck

Jim Speck

Informative and entertaining.

That’s how noted fastener expert Jim Speck hopes you will find the articles he’s providing to Atlantic Fasteners. Just sit down and talk with him and you’ll feel his passion for fasteners and how things work.

His experience in the fastener industry stretches over several decades, though his interest in all things mechanical reaches back farther.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Jim was fascinated by how his things worked. Machines and their operation always intrigued him.  He became a naval shipyard apprentice at a relative’s encouragement.

After time as a guardsman on active duty as an electrician, it was off to Drexel University at night for an undergraduate degree while completing his journeyman electrician’s apprenticeship. Later he completed a graduate degree at the Hartford Graduate Center campus of RPI.

An RPI classmate convinced him to interview at The Holo-Krome Company, then in West Hartford, CT, where the die was cast for a career in fastener manufacturing.

He spent eight years there followed by two decades at Crescent Manufacturing and then 13 at The Johnson Gage Company, both in CT.  Screw threads and fastening remained his area of concentration.

Speck said he has learned from his manufacturing years that “if you’re smart, stay focused, and are driven, you can succeed.”

Jim’s first technical article was at the request of a supervisor. That early article eventually led to Speck writing a book, Mechanical Fastening, Joining, and Assembly in the mid ‘90’s. The second edition was published in April and includes an up-to-date selection of technologies, a section on fastener statistics, and much more.

“I saw this second edition as a job not yet complete,” Speck wrote in a book preview for American Fastener Journal. “I wanted to give back something for all of those authors whose books on tool steels, heat treating, corrosion and hundreds of other fastener related topics I had found so helpful. I started writing this edition – with focus…My wish is to provide a book on fastening that is reader friendly, and includes information to help grow knowledge and skills in handling and solving applications.”

Jim will be writing technical articles for Atlantic Fasteners, including an already-published piece on the dangers of overlooking hidden fastener costs. ‘How Tight is too Tight’ and other articles are also scheduled.

Speck is also a frequent speaker on fastener technical topics. His popular seminars and workshops on Screw Threads and Fastener Fundamentals have been well-received nationwide and he’s planning a new one for Fall 2015.

Jim will be speaking at Atlantic Fasteners on June 15th at a 5:00 pm, joint meeting of the CT and Western MA chapters of the National Tooling and Machining Association. The talk, entitled “Fasteners in the Information Age”, includes a look at current regulations and standards, an overview of mechanical fastening and joining, a sampling of noteworthy case studies, and a peek into the future.

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