Technical Resources and Cost Cutting Successes

Key Technical Resources

The expert, knowledgeable team at Atlantic Fasteners can not only sell you the parts you want but can help you identify parts that could help you be more efficient and save significant money in the process.

Simple Way to Properly Tighten a Screw

Helpful Tech Tips 

Access to actual size charts, diagrams, and instructional guides

Technical Handbook

Access the Online Fasteners Reference Guide

Cost-Cutting Success Stories

$100,000+ yearly savings!

Switching Rivets Saves Manufacturer Thousands

A National leisure craft manufacturer was experiencing an assembly bottleneck and several other issues. A switch in rivets made for a resounding solution.

$82,000+ yearly savings!

Two-part Remedy Frees Frozen Bolts

Regularly devoting maintenance crew to removing six frozen bolts was expensive enough, but when lost profits were figured in, the manufacturer quickly took notice. Here’s how we solved the problem. 

$17,600 yearly savings!

Gun Maker Nearly Surrenders to Loosening Fasteners

When you’re a famous New England gun maker who can’t keep a critical fastener tight, the consequences can be alarming. Here’s how we helped.

$13,000 yearly savings!

Fastener Standardization Ends Installation and Removal Nightmare

Assembling bus seats shouldn’t be so costly and frustrating argued this manufacturer. Anxious for a fix, they came to us. Our solution was simple and much less expensive.

We guarantee outstanding services like on-time delivery, callbacks when promised, error-free shipping and billing, zero-defect products, and 100% customer satisfaction.

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