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Offering technical support and how-to information on products such as pipes and fittings, fasteners, anchors, shoulder screws, bolts, cutting tools, cleaners, and other hardware. Content provided for the commercial, industrial, construction, military, and aerospace industries.

How Tight is Right for Socket Head Screws?

Are you often stumped as to how tight you should make critical socket head screws?

If so, you’re not alone. Although the answer depends on numerous factors, we have a helpful tool that should make it easier. And provide some basics worth knowing.

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Comprehensive Guide on Thread Galling

Thread galling is a popular topic since it can be confusing. Our goal in researching and expanding the content was to provide a thorough explanation in simple layman’s terms. We’ve avoided technical fastener language, so readers don’t have to be a fastener engineer to understand it.

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Don’t Overlook 80% of Your Costs

Most companies buying fasteners do not think of them as investments, yet that can be a missed opportunity. A well-established concept in the fastener industry - the price of fasteners makes up only 18 percent of their total installed cost, whereas “soft” costs make up the remaining 82 percent.

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Guide to Common Lockout/Tagout Mistakes

Proper use of Lockout/Tagout accessories is crucial to a safe facility since lockout/tagout issues are one of the most cited OSHA violations.

We compiled a simple, three-page guide on how to correct seven of the most common mistakes. Included is expert advice and links to an OSHA interactive training program, FAQ’s, and an audit guide.

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Tech Tip: Drill point Comparison 

Maintenance people and buyers alike find drill point styles confusing. Each has a specific use based on drill point style. Created a simple comparison piece on the two most popular drill point styles, 135° split point and 118°. Included is a sharp picture of each tip, so the differences are readily apparent.

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What is Cyro Treating?

Cryo-treating is a slow process of taking materials down to -300° F, typically in liquid nitrogen, and gradually bringing them back to room temperature over several days.

The end result is a considerably longer life with less internal stress, more flexibility, and higher tensile strength.

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Cure for Brittle Nylon Cable Ties

Nylon cable ties and parts can become brittle and snap during installation, especially in the winter when it’s cold and dry. But, rarely is defective material the cause. Instead, it’s typically lack of moisture.

Check out this simple solution to prolong their life.

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Tips on using Ice Melt Safely

According to a Snow and Ice Management Association study, the average claim due to snow and ice-related slip-and-falls was $33,000. And if it was a worker’s comp claim, the figure was $48,000!

As winter weather approaches, time to brush-up on your snow and ice  procedures.

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Maintenance Area Overhaul 

The conversion team worked to eliminate stockouts, reduce inventory, and boost efficiency. During this overhaul project, the team found a common list of problems:

  • Inadequate storage space
  • Parts not stored in their proper places
  • and more

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Technical Resources

Self Scan Phone Apps

With interest in its Self-Scan inventory management system growing, Atlantic Fasteners has launched a new Android app version to accompany its current iPhone app.

A Self-Scan How-to video, shows  how simple it is for customers to manage their own inventories.

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Actual Size Charts Posted

Four new, handy actual size charts to help buyers and maintenance people perform their jobs faster and more accurately.

Customers can download and print charts on blind rivetsE-ringsmachine screws, and O-rings.

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More Actual Size Charts

Atlantic Fasteners has added an inch o-ring and inch fastener length Actual Size Chart to its Helpful Tech Tips section of its website.

“We invested a lot of time in making sure the charts are dimensionally correct,” he said.

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Atlantic Fasteners New Capabilities Guide

Atlantic Fasteners has published a new, eight-page capabilities guide that covers all its divisions -industrial and aerospace fasteners and industrial supplies.

The new guide concisely describes VMI program, expanded made-to-print services and redesigned line card information on brands and products.

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New Line of Chrome Steel Balls Introduced

Atlantic Fasteners has introduced a new line of Grade 25 chrome steel balls. They are through-hardened to Rc 60-67 and made from 52100 alloy steel.


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Cryo-Treated Drill Bits Introduced

Atlantic/Applied MSS has introduced a line of cryo-treated Kwik Cut® drill bits that have similar wear resistance to cobalt drills and similar tensile strength to HSS drills.

Plus, a nitride treatment gives them a surface hardness of 70  Rockwell C.

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Gaskets, Seals and Raw Materials Now Available

Atlantic Fasteners has introduced a full line of standard seals and gaskets in over 140 materials, along with custom design capabilities.

They include o-rings, flange gaskets, grommets, dynamic seals, and sanitary gaskets.

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Rivet Guide Added to Website

Atlantic Fasteners, a 100% employee owned industrial and aerospace fastener distributor, has added a helpful rivet guide to its website.

It includes detailed rivet descriptions and includes Avdel’s Speed Fastening®, Breakstem, Structural (Lockbolts) rivets, and Threaded Inserts. 

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